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  • Amazing Features - Manually or automatically search, filter, export, and reply to any ad on craigslist worldwide! 
  • Real Results -  Generate a steady flow of inbound calls, sales, leads, and website visitors.
  • No Setup Fees Ever - We even offer a 100% FREE trial!
  • No Long Term Contract - Our software is billed month to month. We don't need to lock you into a long contract because our product actually works so you will want to pay us each month!
  • Custom Campaign - We will do a live screen share with you on your own pc and build/launch your own custom automated campaign for your business! No guesswork involved and nothing technical to do!
  • Real-Time 24/7 Automation - It works automatically 24 hours per day 7 days per week! Notifications are sent live in Real-Time to your email. Ads are replied to and sent directly to potential clients emails live in Real-Time.
  • Guaranteed Results - If your not getting awesome results during the free trial then you can cancel and never pay us a penny!
  • Unlimited Possibilities - The possible uses of our software are only limited by your own imagination!
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Examples Of Some Ways To Use Our Software:
    For Real Estate Investors and Wholesalers:
    Get Inbound Phone Calls From Sellers Who Want A Cash Offer From You! 
    Imagine what investor heaven must be like... Your phone is ringing several times per day 7 days per week with desperate sellers and the deals just keep coming! This is the only advertising you need as an investor, but don't take our word for it. INSTEAD, TAKE OUR 100% FREE TRIAL AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!

    For Real Estate Investors and Wholesalers:
    Get The BEST Real Estate Deals Delivered To Your Email Instantly 24/7!
    Save all the time and hassle of weeding through hundreds of junk ads and deals trying to find a good one to make an offer on. Our custom algorithm will deliver the cream of the crop deals right to your email in real-time! This means you can run comps and make offers before your competitor, Timing is everything and we make yours perfect every time!

    For Real Estate Agents and Brokers:
    Get FSBO Sellers In Your Area To Contact You To List Their Properties.
    We send your custom listing proposal letter out to all FSBO properties in your area live in real-time as these properties get posted online. People get your proposals and call or email you back to list their property with you! IT'S THAT SIMPLE!

    Brand New Hot Stuff:
    Our New "Investor List Campaign" is already making waves! Here is how it works:
    1. We build a campaign to search filter and contact via email, all investors/wholesalers in
    your area who post ads on craigslist automatically.
    2. We build another campaign outside of the software to contact all investors/wholesalers in
    your area who invest on craigslist but don't post about investing.
    Results Are:
    1. You get added to many people's buyer lists and so gain access to many off market properties
    in your area.
    2. You get to add many people to your own buyer list which will be always expanding.
    3. We will export a list of investors phone numbers in your area and you can send bulk text to
    that list anytime you have a property to sell or find a buyer for!
    4. You get people to agree to co-wholesale deals with you.
    Example: You get emailed 10 off market properties today from the sellers who have you on their
    buyer list. You then email those 10 deals to your own buyer list and if you have an interested
    buyer(s) then you execute an agreement or double/triple close on it depending on your local
    state laws. Once the agreement is signed then you can introduce buyer to seller and let them
    This means you don't have to find the deal, pay a bird dog, negotiate, get the property under
    contract, pay option or earnest money, or take any risk at all! Plus you can do as many deals
    as you want!

Why aren't there tons of testimonials here?
Our company is only a few months old. We just started asking our clients for testimonials and we flat out refuse to falsify testimonials like so many of our competitors! There will be many more testimonials added here as soon as possible.
I was very skeptical of the claims being made by "REI Wholesaler Pros" due to being burned by so many other real estate marketing companies. Because they offered a free trial I gave it a shot. I signed up on 9-15-17 and just 6 days later after receiving more than 150 inbound calls I purchased a 4-Plex and will easily clear around $40,000.00 profit on the deal! This is the only advertising I'll ever need as an investor! I love the product! Thank you Ben and Jeff.

Michael High
Real Estate Investor
San Antonio, TX
Michael Smith
Real Estate Investor
Dallas, TX
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