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    For Investors: (Product #1) 
    Get Inbound Phone Calls From Sellers Who Want A Cash Offer From You! 
    Imagine what investor heaven must be like... Your phone is ringing several times per day 7 days per week with desperate sellers and the deals just keep coming! This is the only advertising you need as an investor, but don't take our word for it. INSTEAD, TAKE OUR 100% FREE TRIAL AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!

    For Investors: (Product #2) 
    Get The BEST Real Estate Deals Delivered To Your Email Instantly 24/7!
    Save all the time and hassle of weeding through hundreds of junk ads and deals trying to find a good one to make an offer on. Our custom algorithm will deliver the cream of the crop deals right to your email in real-time! This means you can run comps and make offers before your competitor, Timing is everything and we make yours perfect every time!

    For Agents: (Product #1)
    Get FSBO Sellers In Your Area To Contact You To List Their Properties.
    We send your custom listing proposal letter out to all FSBO properties in your area live in real-time as these properties get posted online. People get your proposals and call or email you back to list their property with you! IT'S THAT SIMPLE!

  • No Setup Fees - And no long term contract!
  • Exclusive Deals - Only one customer per service per Craigslist city or location!
  • Real-Time 24/7 Delivery - Notifications are sent directly to your email and proposals are sent directly to potential clients emails!
  • Guaranteed Results - See our customer agreement on the next page of our website for details of the guarantees as they vary per product. 
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